CORAL™ ComplianceMatrix

Regulation Compliance Management System

CORAL™ ComplianceMatrix

CORAL™ ComplianceMatrix is a centralized management system that ensures consistent conformity to regulatory requirements by banks, insurance and financial institutions. The framework gives an outline of compliance in the organization to guarantee that every division abides by any new guidelines from the regulators. It then gives a review of the compliance progress and steps taken by each department. This allows for easy tracking and up-to-date monitoring of alignment with regulatory authorities. 

Key Processes

CORAL™ ComplianceMatrix provides a powerful solution for managing a wide variety of regulatory and compliance processes and ensuring accountability throughout financial institutions of all sizes.

New regulations

Assign regulations to respective departments

Perform gap analysis

Review initialization periodically

Key Features

Centralized Compliance Management System

CORAL™ ComplianceMatrix monitor pertinent regulations and other requirements, manages compliance documentation, leads risk assessments, and demonstrate proof of compliance through strong reporting.

Assignment of Regulation

Displays proof of compliance with complete reporting capabilities, developing and/or managing training and application of applicable policies, controls and processes.

Regulation Maintenance Update

Track laws and regulations coming from multiple sources and address compliance issues in a timely manner.

Tracking Features

Mitigates risks to prevent loss of time and reduces error through proactive monitoring providing remediation tracking and action plans.

Gap Analysis Validation

Automated leveraged built in reporting tools to identifies gaps and manages remediation plans.

Audit Trail

Provides a customized dashboards for monitoring with automated audit tracking of all task management and compliance management.

CORAL™ Compliance Matrix Product Brochure

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