Watchlist Screening

Watchlist Screening

Manual procedures for updating watch lists and reviewing for matches can be extremely tedious; labor and time consuming. With CORAL ISEM™, the tasks are intelligently applied with advanced analytics for matching outputs with auto-updates hassle free.

This system allows user to integrate with certain premium watchlist providers and also all readily available internal or local list providers.

Key Features


Allow you to perform screening any time of the day or urgently against watchlist provider list or internal list.

Watchlist Alert Workflow

Potential watchlist matches may subject for validation through the configured watchlist alert workflow for STR purpose.

Configure Watchlist Rule Setting

A configure user-interface to build watchlist rules to detect potential matches on client or watchlist list.

Internal Upload

Allowing internal list or any blacklist provide by local regulators to be upload into the system.

Bulk Screening

Allowing a bulk upload of names to be screen and return the matching result into files.

AI & Machine Learning

Enhance watchlist engine capability that comes with applied intelligent and machine learning to consistently learning on the matching result.

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