CORAL™ SmartDoc

Trade Based Money Laundering

CORAL™ SmartDoc

CORAL™ SmartDoc is a web-based platform which make the issuance of letter of credits, guarantee and trade documents for payment in Trade become fast and easy. This platform not only catered for Letter of credits but also for Documentary Collections, Open Account and Supplier Chain Finance. The revolutionary design of CORAL™ SmartDoc could be a front-end tool for Bank’s clients in both Import or Export process. All the stakeholders involved within the trade could be on the same platform to handle all types of Trade Finance transactions.

CORAL™ SmartDoc specifically:

Key Features

Digital storage for new LC, new contract creation.

Writes PO and LC data into documents automatically reduce manual input.

Guided document checking and linked with defined discrepancy handling process to facilitate bank and client in resolving the issues.

Cross reference document data and integrated automatically.

Customized clients’ document template with digital signature.

Enable e-Presentation of documents between clients and bank, bank to bank.

Clear Audit trial on each process.

Clear transaction history for all activities including amendments and approvals.

Centralized transaction digital storage which minimized physical filing and storage place.

Ease of Purchase Order reconciliation and expedite the buyer to confirm the payable.

Highlight all the transaction in progress and pending items in Dashboard.

MIS on discrepancies enable client to learn from the issue and for Bank Alerts.

Enable Chat room between Importer and Exporter to discuss discrepancies issue and discount request.

Business Objectives - Trade Finance Activities

Digitalization of shipping documents preparation.

End-to-end business process management​.

Effective storage and retrieval of historical records.

Simplify the business flows between importers, exporters and banks.

Improve productivities and operational efficiency​.

Automate trade finance process, e.g. account posting, compliance checks​.

Deepen client relationship.

Supplier chain solutions, e.g., purchase order reconciliation & financing.

Web-based solution – WFH ready​.

Major Functions of CORAL™ SmartDoc Module

Guided Process & Data Retrieval
Document Checking
Data Mapping
E2E Trade Cycle Support​
Document Preparation 
Purchase Order Support​
CORAL™ Smart Doc Product Brochure

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