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Beyond Human: The AI-Driven Financial Crime Solution

CORAL ISEM™ AI-based solutions offers predictive detection on financial activities, case investigation and regulatory reporting into a single platform for a unified compliance programme. Built with modern and advance technology, the solution steamline compliance routine operation while provide flexible configuration to scale and evolve in the ever changing needs in the industry.


Transform your AML investigations with CORAL iSEM™ Portfolio, the all-in-one hub for effortless red flag management. The overview of client transactions, profiles, and watchlists empower your team to prioritize potential issues and eliminate investigation redundancy. Built for speed and accuracy, Portfolio seamlessly integrates with all modules, accelerates case creation, and boosts operational efficiency.

Watchlist Monitoring

Stop suspicious clients in their tracks.

CORAL iSEM™ AI-powered Watchlist Monitoring helps you to screen customers against continuously updated global watchlists and sanctions lists, including public list. With the predictive AI that aid the screenig process, it help to reduces false positive and increase true rates of positve for your team to investigate and eliminate unwanted threats.

Client Profile Management

Gain total control of your client AML risk profiles.

CORAL iSEM™ Client Profile Management provide seamless and comprehensive customers AML profiling and provide continuous risk assessment on periodic basis. Identify and track potential customers risk with the ongoing due diligence and enhanced due dligence while manage all essential customers information in one single platform.

Onboard Monitoring

Easier KYC for everyone.

Make your onboarding easier and more appealing for your customers with the power of AI. The onboard monitoring is seamless when its come to screening the customers and perform risk assessment to rate the customers AML risk profile. With real time interfacing, it create smooth onboarding process to your oganization and customer are happy to be onboard.

Transaction Screening

Protect your business from hidden dangers in cross-border transactions with CORAL iSEM™ Transaction Screening. Powered with AI, our real-time screening analyzes beneficiaries, keywords, and intermediaries to proactively identify and mitigate risks associated with cross-border payments.

Transaction Monitoring

Unleash the power of smarter monitoring with CORAL iSEM™ Transaction Monitoring. Driven by AI, the transaction monitoring rule scenario is better than ever with the clustering of customer transaction patterns to provide a more efficient rule based scenario detection that reduce false positive and increase the true rate of positive for your team to investigate and report suspicious transaction.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

CORAL iSEM™ Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) feature is an additional module-based feature designed to provide more in-depth information on certain groups of clients, typically high-risk clients. It also keeps and facilitates custom EDD forms to suit your organizational needs. We further integrate this feature with our Onboard REST API to complete your organization’s onboarding process and create a smooth one-line onboarding flow.

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