CORAL™ SmartDoc is a web-based platform which make the issuance of letter of credits, guarantee and trade documents for payment in Trade become fast and easy. This platform not only catered for Letter of credits but also for Documentary Collections, Open Account and Supplier Chain Finance. The revolutionary design of CORAL™ SmartDoc could be a front-end tool for Bank’s clients in both Import or Export process. All the stakeholders involved within the trade could be on the same platform to handle all types of Trade Finance transactions.

CORAL™ SmartDoc is adept to:

  • Facilitate and expedite the issuance of Letter of Credits, Trade documents for payment.
  • Trade transaction data is captured from sources without converting image to data.
  • Increase operation efficiency among all key stakeholders from LC Applicant, Issuing Bank, Advising Bank, LC Beneficiary.
  • Improve the accuracy of Trade documentations.
  • Integrates seamlessly with clients’ PO system, Bank’s Credit system, Sanction screening system, AML system, Processing system or account & General ledger to facilitate auto-processing.
  • Work from home supported.
  • Eliminate courier, accelerating amendment process and expedite turnaround time when all stakeholders are in the platform.

Key Features

Business Objectives

Trade Finance Activities


Guided Process & Data Retrieval

  • LC issuance​.
  • Document preparation and checking.
  • Digitize transaction details.

Document Checking

  • Auto check on key discrepancies.
  • Elaborated discrepancy handling workflow.
  • MIS.

Data Mapping

  • LC SWIFT message​.
  • LC details for document preparation and checking.​
  • Processing and compliance purpose.

E2E Trade Cycle Support

  • LC E2E process​​.
  • Documentary collection or Open Account process​.​
  • Supplier Chain process​.

Document Preparation

  • Supplier Chain process​​.
  • LC and PO data mapping.​
  • Digital signature.

Purchase Order Support

  • Data upload​.
  • Data reconciliation​.​
  • Data download.

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