Customer Due Diligent Gateway

CORAL™ CDDGateway - Customer Due Diligent Gateway

CORAL™ CDDGateway is a one-stop secure cloud based compliance platform that adheres to regulatory authority on Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF). This simple, cost-effective application fulfills the requirements endorsed by regulators worldwide. It utilizes the most sophisticated algorithms and revolutionary innovation to allow a thorough filter of the entire database that results in a minimal false positive rate.

The Migration of CDD

CORAL™ CDDGateway uses the latest technological innovations to provide comprehensive customer lifecycle risk coverage – accounting for customer onboarding, ongoing due diligence and enhanced due diligence (EDD) processes. 

Key Features

Real Time Detection

CORAL™ CDDGateway accurately uses dynamic graphic so investigators can see both the overall risk score and classification of the risk score to understand where that risk is focused. Alerts are sent based on suspicious activity, enabling instant decisions to block, hold, or release transactions.

Reduce False Positives

Through the adaptation of machine learning platform into CORAL™ CDDGateway, it enables customer to reduce false positives through semantic and statistical analyses on new alerts, quickly identifying duplicate or redundant data that might be creating the appearance of suspicious behavior 

Regulatory & Operational Efficiency

A flexible platform that adapts unique predictive analytics which create operational efficiencies and a holistic view of customer risk relationships. 

Advance CDD Desktop & Reporting

Advanced CDD Desktop and reporting capabilities helps simplify detection, prevention, safe keeping of customer information and compliance requirements.

The Model Elements

Customer Identification

Customer Acceptance

Transaction Profile

Risk Rating


Monitoring & Investigation

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